Personal Brand – Mialani Interiors | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

As Lani ramped up her business over at Mialani Interiors, she understood the power of her personal brand, and the need to have strong and professional images to back it up. That’s where I came in. Take a peek!

One of my favorite things about my personal branding clients is that I get to hear about what they “do.” I love it. There are so many cool niches out there that are just perfect for a small business or entrepreneur to fill. And Lani is one of those entrepreneurs! 

Mialani Interiors is an interior design business based in the Fleming Island/Eagle harbor area. Lani Collard is its founder and she is GOOD at what she does. Her personal brand is undergoing a bit of a makeover and it was time to shed the informal photographs from her About Me pages and professional profiles.

Lani met with me at my residential studio in downtown Jacksonville and brought her daughter, McCall Shipley, who – in addition to her work with Mialani Interiors  – is a makeup guru! 

The biggest part of having a strong personal brand is that you look polished and clean. this is the face of your company – no pressure, I know. And I love the movement of photographers recognizing this need and working with entrepreneurs to achieve their goals! Niches, I’m telling you!

We snuck in this image by my lovely historic staircase because, well, it’s pretty and we liked it. 

So after playing in the studio, we headed out to one of Mialani’s clients’ homes – a recent decor makeover that I was so excited to document. the other part of your personal brand is your CONTENT. What relevant content do you have? What is your portfolio? Is it dimly-lit, skewed iPhone shots, or is it full of gorgeous professional photography that can showcase your skills in the best possible light?

Eagle Harbor is always such a pleasant field trip for lil old urban me. It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with Lani and her client in her absolutely gorgeous home! Check out those images below – do you see the Southwestern influence? I know I want to go shopping for napkin rings after this shoot, which is a sentence I thought I would never utter.