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I got to go camping for a couple of days last weekend – I didn’t go far, though! Little Talbot Island State Park and the parks around it are out east of the Jacksonville Zoo, and they are Jacksonville’s best-kept secrets, if you ask me. Soner and I have been taking our new drone out more lately and had a blast at Big Talbot a couple weekends ago, too!



Big Talbot Island State Park hosts one of the most remarkable beaches I’ve ever personally seen. Depending on who you ask, it’s called Boneyard Beach, or sometimes Skeleton Beach. Erosion has caused a large number of the gorgeous live oaks to fall onto the beach, creating a sandy cliff that overlooks an ethereal scene. It’s a state park, so it protects the abundance of driftwood from being stolen and ruining the landscape.

The park is growing in popularity; I see many photographers there each time I go, of course – but it’s also popular for fishing and family beach days. With that, the park has naturally seen an uptick in litter and general carelessness. As one of the biggest fans of the area (self-proclaimed, haha), I try to clean up when I can and hope that others will do the same.

This place is truly special for both Jacksonville locals and for people taking a Florida vacation and looking for something different and unique. It still takes my breath away every time I step to the edge of that overlook.


Our campground at Little Talbot, which is a few miles south of this wonderful place, was far from shabby itself. Nestled in across the street from the state park entrance, the grounds are quiet, the amenities more than sufficient, and the hosts friendly. It helps that even the campgrounds have incredible landscapes – an excellent showcase of Florida’s natural beauty, which lies in its coastal scenery. Even on the east side of the state, our sunsets can’t be beat!

Here are the snaps I got from the campground – you can see why this place will probably continue to enchant me forever. I can’t wait to go back.


dsc_3766 dsc_3774 dsc_3781 dsc_3786 dsc_3787 dsc_3792 dsc_3795 dsc_3811 dsc_3822

Have you ever been to either of these parks? I find that the number of people I talk to that know about them is about 50/50. If you haven’t been, take the drive! it’s worth it.



  1. Amanda

    Love the second one up from the bottom! Definitely want to get a big one framed for my living room… beautiful!

    • I’ll get with you on size! I’ll have a shop up soon, too – keep an eye out!

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