In-Home Session: Amy & Adam | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

in home session

These two are not just sweet and all about one another – they have killer style and I loved listening to their stories about canoeing, exploring local islands, and other quirky (but fun) hobbies they share. It was awesome getting to photograph them inside their eclectic Springfield home for my first in- home session.

Amy takes my love of antiques to the next level and actually refurbishes and sells them on the side! This tiny lounge and the accompanying chair are her handiwork.

They, like my husband and I (and like everyone else in my Historic Springfield neighborhood), are going through the slow and sometimes painstaking process of renovating their century-plus-old home. That meant a big empty bright white room to play in!

Just LOOK at that light. Photographer nerd problems.

I’m so glad to have finally crossed paths with these two. We’ve been living within the same square mile district for several years and have never spent any time together! This in- home session was our first real time chatting.

Don’t forget that if your session with me doesn’t involve something crazy like venturing into a field of sticker bushes, I will, at the very least, require you to do something silly like dance in the middle of the street. AND YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SAFE by booking a session in your house. HA.

I have to admit that this is a well-timed blog post. I have recently, through a loss, been reminded of a valuable lesson, which was clearly exemplified in the time I spent with Amy and Adam.

LOVE your partner.

Whoever they are, make it an active, deliberate choice – a verb as well as a noun. Simply chirping it as you walk out the door each morning isn’t enough. Let it flow through you until it tingles the tips of your fingers. It’s scary to let go and trust someone enough to let down your walls, I know.

But, for the love of Pete, get over your fear. You do not know when might be your last moment with the person you love. We all know this because we’ve all seen it stated over and over again. Internalize it, though.

Start living it right this very instant.