Ava and Peyton | Jacksonville, FL Dance Photographer

Dance photographer - ballerina

These girls!

It’s not often that I get to photograph dancers of any kind, as much as I love to do it. And honestly, I almost didn’t get to anyway! I think we probably rescheduled this session four times, and with good reason. between catastrophic weather, Kat’s daughter being born, and god knows how many other hurdles, it was SUCH a relief to finally meet up for this session (I think I speak for all of us here).

Just check out Ava – super sweet and graceful, but with just enough sass to keep things interesting.

Ballerina standing and sitting

Peyton also does ballet, but she wanted tap photos. This was a first but hopefully I get to do it again in the future. Tap dancing is so awesome. I even love the sound of tap shoes when someone is just walking in them! Any dance photographer should be able to photograph all types.

dance photographer - tap dance

The cool thing about people that start dancing this young is their level of focus – it requires discipline and as a result I think kids that do it end up appearing more mature than their peers. It’s definitely a huge advantage to have skills for anything like this at a young age, and to carry them into adulthood, as I hope both girls do.

This family is just so quirky and fun that I love spending time with them whenever I can. Ava and Peyton have two other siblings, so it’s quite the little brood! And every one one of them smart and beautiful – here’s hoping we got that to come across. I’m certain their drive and talent will take them to great places.

Keep dancing, ladies! And here’s hoping I get to continue on my path of dance photographer with more fun in the future.


  1. Oh I love this! Ballerinas are so graceful and you captured her beautifully.

  2. These are so cute! I just love dancer photos. <3

  3. These dance photographs are spectacular! Your style is wonderful!

  4. Albert Palmer

    Aw, these are really sweet! I bet they will look back and treasure these in years to come.

  5. Great job on these images! Such a cool idea!

  6. What dolls! These girls are so beautiful! I love the movement and personalities that you captured in these!

  7. abigail

    gorgeous session!

  8. So pretty! I absolutely love the movements and mood you captured for them. I’m sure they and their families treasure these!

  9. what a fun session! i bet you had fun doing this!

  10. This is so fun, I loved all of it!

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