The Millar Family | North Florida Family Photographer


I was so lucky to meet Lizabeth, Alex, and their little one Julissa this weekend. See, they were given the gift of a family session by Liz’s mom, who won it at a silent auction for TARAA.

Tangent time!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a crazy cat lady (well, the crazy part is up for debate). I have connected this year with TARAA – I won’t credit myself as any kind of hero, which they are, but I have helped with a few foster cats as well as adopting my youngest from them. Liz’s mom Julie is a friend of mine and she’s been my guiding light through all of the kitten craziness – the early morning bottle feedings, checking to see if the litter box looks good, frantic phone calls about runny noses and goopy eyes. Do I sound like a parent yet? Yikes.

So donating this session to their silent auction was obviously the very least I could do. They’re a bunch of saints.


This family recently relocated to Jacksonville for their Navy careers, although this won’t be Liz’s first time here! We brought Julissa out to the park and did our best to get some giggles out of her. What a cutie!

dsc_5169 dsc_5138

Among some of my favorite moments were those she shared with her dad, Alex. Father & daughter moments always melt my icy little heart. Don’t ask me why. And these two were extra sweet – it’s those in-between moments.

dsc_5209 dsc_5216 dsc_5184 dsc_5198

So glad to have met this little trio, and I’m excited to see what Jacksonville brings for them as they start this new chapter of their lives!

dsc_5240 dsc_5263