52/2017 Project: Week 20-21 | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

While I’ve kept up with taking my self portraits, I have been spread a little too thin to reliably blog them, so I am rolling last week and this week into one post.

Technically, the featured photo above was week 21. It’s my favorite of the two. Here’s week 20:

What’s funny is that the feeling in the first photo was the same as my feeling in the second, more or less, but you wouldn’t ever be able to tell!

I actually try to remember that when I’m taking photos of others. As much as I am documenting them as they are right now, I am also, in a way, creating a memorable experience for them, and the feelings I create for them will be forever tied to those photos, for better or worse. So they may look happy and carefree, but if they have been anxious and uncomfortable the entire time and I do not help them with that, they won’t love their photos as much. The mind is a funny thing. I wonder how I will feel when I get to the end of my self portrait project and look back upon these two weeks.

As always, here are a couple bonuses.

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