52/2017 Project: Week 18 | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

As it turns out, a self portrait is easier to execute when you’re not on the road hours away from home. Imagine that. So – this is along the lines of what I’d hoped to achieve for week 17.

I drive. A lot. I mentioned before – I don’t have a studio, so my work is 99% “on location,” which means a lot of driving in Jacksonville’s vast city limits. My closest family is almost an hour’s drive, and my parents are a few hours away. Add a day job with a stupidly long commute by Jax’s standards, and I feel like I live in my car more than I do in my house. Why do we buy houses, anyway? Jeez.

I can sometimes count on Soner to be my co-pilot, but generally I’m flying solo. It’s pretty boring. The loneliness – and drowsiness – can be tough to keep at bay. I have impromptu dance parties, lots of car-aoke, I come up with absolutely brilliant things to say to the people I don’t like. But most of it is just…sitting. There’s a certain frustration unique to the lone driver experience. I have no idea how long-haul truckers survive.

This week has been more relaxed, less road travel. We’re also at a crossroads where we may be replacing a car in the near future, so maybe my driving experience is going to be better! Not that I don’t love my little Jetta. It’s just maybe time.

Also – with my new year’s resolution to travel more – I guess the disclaimer should be made that I am not averse to road trips! A good playlist, great companions, and a Big Gulp all go a very long way. Funny how two types of driving can feel so different.

Here’s hoping I’ll have more road trips and fewer long commutes in the near future. Until then, this is me.


  1. Marcela Pulido May 9, 2017

    Hey, I love this! It’s dark and moody and captures the vibe of long hours in a car well. Also kudos for car-aoke, it’s one of my favorite things 😉

  2. Albert Palmer May 11, 2017

    What an awesome image! The light is ace, but bravo on the composition

  3. Isabelle May 12, 2017

    Awesome mood, love this shot!


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