52/2017 Project: Week 16 | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

Waaaahhhhh! I am so behind on blogging that I am starting to think of cool projects to distract myself from blogging! Anyone with a blog probably understands the struggle, haha.

Anyway, so that’s how we arrive at week 16’s self portrait, taken super late Friday night I think it was. What a struggle, too. Like many projects, this started out with inspiration from a totally different source than you’d expect and it turned out nothing like the intended result. But for my first time playing with a “double exposure” effect, it’s pretty neat! (By the way, the photo within my head is a photo from our trip to Linville, NC last fall.)

I used a few tutorials to get myself here, but mostly this one.

Speaking of double exposures, here are a couple of rudimentary, REAL, in-camera ones I took while playing with the idea.

I am forcing myself to finally learn a few in-camera techniques and explore what my camera can actually do. I’m looking forward to getting a little more creative (and weird) in the coming months.

Here’s to weirdness!

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