52/2017 Project: Week 11 | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

Okay, I’d be lying if I said I loved this self portrait.

The week got away from me! I swear! I figured earlier that I’d have to really do something relaxed and simple because of how crazy things have been, but when midnight was creeping closer and I was getting sleepy, even that seemed like a big maybe, haha.

Luckily, I dragged myself onto the floor with the camera balanced precariously over me (held by some crazy-suspicious counterweights), and there we have it.

I also got to calibrate my monitors today, which is mostly a huge win for my SUPER inaccurate laptop display. I’d like to start meeting with clients to view photos rather than dumping them into a gallery, so wish me luck on that!

Now, tomorrow starts a new week. Let’s do it.

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