52/2017 Project: Week 10 | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

Hello week 10! A little bit late again. I have a lot of great ideas up my sleeve for my self portrait project, but finding the time to do them is the challenge!

While I wait for the time – and relish the fact that I am busy doing what I love – I will continue to play with light and work on being unafraid of artificial light. Soner made this light with a cord kit and a candle holder. I love the shadows it casts on our walls over my favorite little blue chair. Low light can be a little tricky, but oh how rewarding it is when it comes out right.

I’m also feeling grateful for community right now. I’ve been doing two things: Withdrawing more from the giant, monolithic photography groups I have been trying to keep up with (although they are amazing for inspiration!), and putting more of myself into a small number of my smaller, more tightly-knit groups. I forgot how wonderful it was to reach out to your peers and get a meaningful response, whether it’s a simple good morning or some contract advice!

You know what Robin Dunbar always said – there’s a limit to how many stable relationships one human can have.¬†We are ever so much happier when we nurture the ones that give us the most back.

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  1. Debbi Gray March 8, 2017

    I needed those thoughts right about now. Thank you for the mellow images.


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